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3 Ways To Segment PPC Keyword And Query Performance

January 1, 2017 No Comments

Basic metrics tell the story of paid search performance but what if you want to dig deeper? You’ll need to go beyond the basic segments and reports.

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5 Things To Improve AdWords Performance In Under 60 Minutes

August 15, 2016 No Comments

Many of us don’t have the time to always be checking our AdWords accounts.

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Improve your website’s performance with the new Speed Suggestions report

December 14, 2013 No Comments
Users prefer fast sites. And businesses benefit from it: faster sites tend to have lower bounce rates, increased customer satisfaction and better engagement. Site owners agree, and it shows in their actions taken to optimize site speed: we’re pleased to see from our own benchmarks over the last two years the web is getting faster (not only desktop, even mobile access is around 30% faster compared to last year).
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New Keyword-Level Impression Share Data: Hot Tips For Boosting Performance

July 31, 2013 No Comments

Google has just announced the release of Search Impression Share data at the keyword level!  Our search for tools that allow for the most detailed analysis has reached another mile marker. This will allow us to change our approach to impression share metrics (and the leveraging thereof)
Quick glance at what this means, exactly: We are looking at our individual keyword performance and identifying what impressions we’re missing out on and what we can do to remedy this.

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